I was happy with my painting of the barn and the cattle but felt something was missing., about one year later I added the farmer and now I think the painting make more sense ? Poul,   April  2013.


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In my younger years I looked forward to life and what lay ahead of me.

Now at an older age and having lived through and experienced more than most,

I can look back and appreciate the good times I have had.

Memories of the old times are a plenty and in my paintings I try to capture those.

Old places like old faces have stories to tell.





Friday September 24.2010

Painting the Old Cheese Factory at West Huntingdon with Lee Mitz. Private collection.

 Photo: We had the good fortune of a Farmer with wagon and team  come by.     it made our day.









"Stockdale Mill"  North of   Trenton.         Painted April 20. 2010. Oil  9 x 12in.Private Collection

  "Whitney" on the Edge of Algonquin Park. Oil 16 x 20in.  May, 2010. Private collection













    "Painting the Black River"                    Oil  16 x 20in.          2009.



"Winter Evening" near Whitney              Oil 16 x 20 in. 2011.Privat Collection.



Irondale River. 16 x20 in. Private Collection





"First Light" at Ivanhoe. 16x20 in.

"Late Afternoon" Whitney. 16x20in.




Cattle resting oil 10 x 12in.



"Kathy Haycocks's Studio" Egan Ville.     August 2010. oil 16x20"



"Old Barn Near Ivanhoe" 16 x 20 in.







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"Early Spring Algonquin Park" 10 x 12 in.














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