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The members of East Central Ontario Arts Association is my second family we have known each other for as long as 40 years and as short a time as a few months ago.   We  bond very fast as we meet and paint together three to five times a year.                          E-Mail: thrane@reach.net         Love to hear from you .         Click on picture to see enlargement

















Prescilla Lakatos. Painting near Lonsdale. April 2003. (ECOAA)



Lucy Manley painting at Bridge Water.  (ecoaa) 














The Camp Fire Painters:  Allan Bain and Charlie Spratt painting at Upper Canada Village. Gary Chapman and PouL Thrane , I am taking the picture  on the right. It was at that campfire that Gary decided we should have a name for our little group. At that very  moment the wind blew smoke in my face    and I said:   "The Camp Fire Painters "   We invite you to join us  ....







Don Staples & Olga Szaranski   painting at a  Bailiborro paint out. ( E C O A A)






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