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            Down Memory Lane.

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"The Rebel" Hunt Club Road. Madoc. Ontario.  18 x 24in. Painted: July 1984.

            Painting on location.


"Art and his Team" Village of Thomasburg  24 x 36in. Painted 1978.









"Near Dwight" Oil 20 x 24in. Painted January 2007.

"Logging Trail"  oil 16 x 20in. Painted at Bark Lake. February 2007.


"Cabana Sucre" Oil 20 x 24in. Painted at Ripon, Quebec. 1992.









   "  The Plough Man"  Hunt Club Road Madoc .June 1989
" Mending the Fence" Oil 20 x 24 in. Painted July 1984.


" The Farmers View"     Oil 16 x 20   Art and Team painted  March.1992 













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