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"Deer Island"   Bay of Fundy.                 New Brunswick.  Oil 30 x 36in.


"Main Street" Village of Dunkan.                Eastern Townships, Quebec. Oil 20 x 24in.



"Artist at work" Skootamata River.            Oil  16 x 20 in.  Hastings County.  Ontario.         













                 People  often ask me:        "When did you  decide you wanted to be a painter"    I must have been 11 -12 years old when my teacher, Ms.Knudsen accused me of cheating   " on an assignment."     She said:   " that one of my parents had drawn the two pictures I   handed in."    That was it.   I had done something that was over and above what was expected of me !    From that moment on I wanted to be like the artist that came to my Village to paint the  old "House's"  and the two (still) operating  "Windmills."       

At the age of 14  (1939)    I started working as a farm hand.   Driving a team of horses from morning to night, working in the fields.    That life was what I wanted  to paint and that is what  still drives  me today.            

E-Mail: thrane@reach.net   Love to hear from you .

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My wife Helen helping out while I am eating my lunch. Deer Island, June 2007 also painting at Lower Fletcher Lake, Algonquin Park.






     'Larry's Barn" at Ivanhoe.          Oil 10 x 12 in. In the  Fall 2009.

 "My Neighbor's House" Oil 20 x 24 painted 2011.




   "Sugar Shack" at Moneymore.         oil 20 x 24 in. Painted 2003.









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